Chineasy for me is a return to my artistic upbringing, and technology background. It is an arts project that is the culmination of my life’s journey between traditional and modern, as well as through the East and West. 

After my TED talk in 2013, many native Chinese speaking people came forward to me in the conference and told me how much they appreciate my effort. One of them who runs a charity in rural China asked if his charity could use my method to teach their poor children as education is scarce in certain parts of China. 

Many other people came to me and told me what I am doing is not only useful for Westerners but also for native Chinese speakers. They started looking at their own language from very different perspective. Even for native speakers, learning Chinese language is daunting, tedious, repetitive and rather dry. So they also appreciate this new (and effective way) of learning.

Here are some other words from Chineasy followers, which have touched me deeply as well.

Hi ShaoLan! I love so much your book Chineasy!– Maira, Spain 

Your method is really artistic and interesting. “ – Sergio, Italy 

“I’m getting an addiction already to your awesome idea on learning Chinese characters.”  Ali, Iraq

A beautiful book and above all easy to understand. I am deep impressed. Best investment ever in a Chinese learning book” – Alcide, Hong Kong 

Finally i took this amazing book, Chineasy. This book is Shaolan’s project that is inspire me a lot not only for learn Chinese but also many of my design projects. “ – Sudarat, Thailand 

I hope Chineasy can become a charming, intellectual and friendly community for anyone in the world who wants to learn Chinese and understand more about Chinese culture and literature. Six years from now, I hope my early followers will have had a great time learning the Chinese language, appreciating Chinese food, music, literature, performance arts and social phenomenon with true understanding. With such appreciation, I hope that people will be able to form a better judgment on deeper and tougher subjects such as human rights, gender inequality, geopolitics and social economic matters. 

Here is the link to the site and FAQ for you to learn more about Chineasy. 🙂 

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