Born to Create

23rd February 2014

MuLan, MuAn and I finally returned to London, after a wonderful but intensive trip to Taiwan. We are exhausted but feeling fulfilled and peaceful. In addition to being there with my parents in this important moments of their life (moving out from the house they have lived for 36 years), and having an unexpected press conference, I also received precious gifts from my parents— a book written by my grandfather (my mother’s father) and another one by my father.

I suddenly have another layer of understanding why I am doing Chineasy—it is in our family blood, that it’s our fate to create and to appreciate beauty, culture and knowledge. When my father met my mother, he was a mathematician and electrical engineer. My mother’s father Professor Lin, the Godfather of Ceramic Art in Taiwan, converted my father as a competent ceramic artist. Different from my grandfather, my father used his analytical mind and deep understanding in chemistry and engineering, and then he created a completely different form of art from my grandfather. At age of 72, my father is still teaching in an art college and working on his second book.

I am doing Chineasy, because I believe in creation. We are born to create.

我們終於回到倫敦的家了。雖然很累但是內心很平靜。這次回去除了陪著爸媽,以及舉行一個始料未及的記者會,我還收到了一些珍貴的禮物–我外公以及我爸爸寫的書。我忽然瞭解到為甚麼我會開創 Chineasy。 「開創」流在我們家族的血液,開創是我們的宿命。 當我爸媽相遇的時候,我爸爸是數學家兼工程師。我外公林葆家教授一直到今天還被稱為「台灣陶藝之父」。受到我外公的影響我爸爸也成為一個陶藝家。與我外公不同的是,我父親運用了他在化學和工程的專長,開創了截然不同的藝術。 我之所以在做 Chineasy ,因為我相信開創與文藝。

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