First Chineasy App!

7th March 2018

Since 2013, my journey with Chineasy has continued to grow and evolve as my team and I have discovered more innovative ways to introduce this beautiful language to more people. Starting with books and my visual methodology, I’m proud to help people learn that Chinese can be easy and meaningful through learning its etymology.

This year, I’m thrilled to share exciting news with all of you. We launched our first app, the Chineasy app, on App Store and Google Play in mid-February. We believe the Chineasy app is designed for anyone hungry to learn the Chinese language and its culture. You’ll learn from a few simple characters, the language’s foundation, and more complex words to even phrases through the app.

We believe that learning Chinese is fun and easy. The bite-sized levels are perfect for anyone who wants to learn Chinese on the go. Start new levels to learn new words every day, earn dumplings and keep your learning buddy Bao fed and happy. Besides characters/words recognition, you’ll also learn how to pronounce it and cultural insights, which enables you to connect words to their meaning easily.

The Chineasy app was awarded as Editor’s Choice at Apple App Store and reached number 14 in the USA and number 13 in the UK in the education category upon launch!

Click the link below to download it on your phone and start playing today.
App Store:

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