Lego inspired me

15th August 2014

I spent a few hours at Autodesk Gallery and Pier 9 Workshop on my trip to San Francisco in Aug. In Autodesk Gallery, they collect and display the works from the designers who are using their design to make impacts in the fields of public interest, social impact, community etc. Autodesk also provides their software for designers to use in order to assist the designers to complete their work pieces more efficiently and effectively.

While I was there, I came across one work piece – an 8.5 feet dinosaur. It was designed by using Autodesk’s 3D modeling and Lego’s own proprietary software before constructing piece-by-piece virtual versions of the large-scale creations.

I have special memory to Lego because certain aspect of Chineasy was inspired by this timeless toy. I had so much fun in the gallery and workshop checking out state of the art 3D printing lab, digital fabrication lab, woodworking shop, metal-working shop and chatting to their artists-in-residence. It’s like a Disneyland for designers, inventors and creators!

If you go to the gallery, make sure you check out their supercool Mercedes-Benz Biome car, Masdar Headquarters, Bay Bridge East Span Seismic Safety Project, and, of course, Shanghai Tower.

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