Designers’ impacts in education sector

20th March 2014 ‐ WHAT DESIGN CAN DO! 2014 speakers

What Design Can Do is an international event that calls on designers to take more social responsibility to consider how design can impact society. Below is the summary from the talk I gave for this event.

The world needs designers more than ever! The entire design industry has transformed massively in the past two decades. Before, many good designs were backed by international enterprises across various industries from architecture, consumer electronics, automobile and transportation, films, to gaming. Education was not often the primary subject in the designer’s mind. But now with more technologies available, penetrating of smart devices, designers could make a huge social and economic impact in the education sector. 

In the previous generation of education sector, people moved classrooms to the cyberspace. The success of Coursera – Mook is a good example. My prediction for the next generation of education sector is that more organisations will invest in producing high quality and long-lasting content in the cyberspace, delivered by multiple platforms. People of all ages will learn anytime, anywhere, and any subject from any smart device they could access. Knowledge is there to empower people and the learning pattern will be much more fragmented yet effective.    

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